1. Is there a cost to participate in the program?

No, the program is free of charge. There may be some costs involved in travelling to program activities but this would not exceed the cost of public transit.

2. Who is eligible to apply to the program?

Most spots go to first year undergraduate students,  however there will be very limited spots available for 2nd year university students. In the spring high school students that will be entering university are encouraged to apply.

3. I am an international student. Am I eligible to apply?

Unfortunately, we can only accept Canadians or permanent residents at this time.

4. What is required of mentees in this program?

Mentees must attend an Initial Training session in late September. During the academic year, mentees will participate in mentorship activities with their mentors 3-4 time per month (with the exception of exam periods in December and April). Over the course of the year, five mandatory Team Mentorship Sessions are held. During the summer, mentees will volunteer within their communities to gain leadership experience and share the skills they have learned in the program.

5. Where will mentorship sessions take place?

The location of the one-on-one sessions is at the discretion of the mentee and mentor. The Team Mentorship Sessions will take place on campus or at a hospital in the area.

6. Are only medical students eligible to serve as mentors?

No. Every mentor  in the program is required to have a valid Police Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening on file at school or provided to Altitude. This documentation is required by all medical schools in Ontario. However, not every professional school requires such screening. This documentation can be costly and time consuming to acquire if it is not mandated by your institution. However, we do not require this documentation for our Outreach Officers who are supervised in their activities with youth.

7. When you identify the career destination for mentees as healthcare, does that mean medicine only?

When we say healthcare we mean it in board terms, we don’t expect  students to have made up their minds about which healthcare career. If  they are interested in learning more about healthcare and may be interested in entering a  healthcare profession then Altitude is perfect for them! However, Altitude is based around a model that supports students in their  first year of undergraduate studies and prepares them for second entry healthcare professional schools. Some healthcare professional schools are first entry programs and  these students would not be eligible for Altitude as they are already in a health professional program. The goal of this program is to inspire student to pursue a career in healthcare  and provide support as students make difficulty transition to  university.

More questions? Please contact us at info@altitudementoring.ca.



Altitude: Healthcare Mentoring is designed to provide participants with a rich mentoring experience that encourages mentees to explore careers in healthcare. Altitude: Healthcare Mentoring does not guarantee admission to any healthcare professional school nor does the program promote any one institution.