Recruited in their final year of high school, mentees begin the program during the summer by taking part in BaseCamp. Once they begin first year mentees engage in One-on-One, Team and Cascading Mentorship.


A “base camp” is a place at the base of the mountain where a team of climbers prepares physically and mentally for their journey to the summit. This is the premise behind BaseCamp. The conference will empower high school students before they embark on one of the most significant journeys of their life –university.

BaseCamp is held in Toronto during the month of August. Mentees from across the province meet to engage in seminars, group sessions and workshops. Gifted speakers help guide, inspire, and motivate our students to be both leaders and scholars.

One-on-One Mentorship

Each mentee is paired with a medical student at their university or a neighbouring university. During the academic year, the pairs will meet approximately four times during the month. These one-on-one sessions focus on sharing knowledge and experience to achieve agreed-upon academic, personal or career goals. In instances where face-to-face meetings between mentor and mentee are not possible mentorship pairs can meet using internet conferencing or telephone to connect.

Team Mentorship

Each month during the academic school year, with the exception of exam times during December and April, mentees from each site will join together to take part in a Team Mentorship Session lead by the Site Coordinators. This series of workshops focuses on professional competencies, academic skills, personal and social skills, and career planning.

Cascading Mentorship

Altitude represents a tremendous opportunity for high school students across the province to reach their goals. In exchange, each mentee is asked to return the favor – giving back to the community in his or her own way. In this model, the undergraduate student is both mentee and mentor, a concept we call Cascading Mentorship. The aim is to help participants internalize the value of altruism and develop student leaders who can return to their community to share their experiences and empower youth. Click here to learn more.


 Altitude: Healthcare Mentoring is designed to provide participants with a rich mentoring experience that encourages mentees to explore careers in healthcare. Altitude: Healthcare Mentoring does not guarantee admission to any healthcare professional school nor does the program promote any one institution.